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Nightingale Road
New-build, Terraced House

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Our aim was to create a viable dwelling of architectural merit on this relatively narrow site. In addition our objective was to design a building that achieves a BRE EcoHomes Excellent Rating, by reducing the energy and water consumed and the CO2 emitted. We aimed to achieve this by utilising materials from local, sustainable and/or recycled sources.

The design comprises of a super insulated timber frame with brick cladding; we were concerned about overheating as the longest elevation facing due south. In addition, we included a composition of discreet openings with sandblasted glass to the southern elevation to minimise issues of overlooking.

The western elevation is predominantly glazed to allow natural light to enter as much as possible with a minimal glass balustrade to the balcony. The east elevation facing the street is generally more solid with a glass door to allow light into the hall.

The roof has been used to generate renewable energy by installing 9 high efficiency photovoltaic panels, which we hope will generate 80% of the electricity required.