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Ley Community Hall
Extension and refurbishment

  • Location

    North York Moors

  • Project Cost


The vision for the project was to create a building that would meet the community’s future needs. This was achieved by adding a large extension, which would house a new catering compliant kitchen, accessible WC’s and adequate storage, enabling valuable space within the existing hall to be freed-up and de-cluttered.

The contemporary design aims to reflect the time in which it was created, whilst referencing the vernacular architecture of the existing hall with the use of sand stone details and clay roof tiles.

The use of a glass link to stitch the existing and new elements together adds an element of drama to the scheme, while the green render introduces a modern material into the palette. The northern gable end has been treated with a pattern to give the building a sense of civic character.

A great deal of attention to detail went into creating a clean and simple yet elegant appearance both internally and externally.

Design Influences

The overall proportions and form are derived from the existing hall and the site in which it sits. The ridge height of the extension is in line with the ridge of the hall, which helps to connect the two volumes. This is unconventional in that an extension usually has a subservient relationship to its predecessor. Not wanting to eat into the Memorial Garden to the north any further, the kitchen extends to the west and in doing so benefits from some of the best views from the site along the valley to the centre of the village.


A balance was required of old and new; where the stone and roof tiles from the existing hall were used on the extension to create a visual link in combination with some contemporary and cost more effective materials. An example of this is the render, the colour of which was carefully chosen to compliment the colours in the local stone, surrounding garden and wider landscape.

Environmentally Sustainable Features

The hall has been fully insulated internally using an innovative space-saving areofoil product on the existing stone walls and mineral wool slung between the timber floor joists. The roof was replaced and insulated. The existing sash windows have all been upgraded to be double glazed.

Underfloor heating is used throughout the existing and new areas of the building in conjunction with an air source heat pump. Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the west facing roof of the existing hall.

In addition, we used panels made from recycled yogurt pots to the walls in the WC’s.


One of the key improvements to the building is accessibility. A new ramp, steps and raised pathway have been introduced in an attractive resin bound aggregate finish.