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Development of 9 New-build Contemporary Dwellings

  • Location

    Brayton, Yorkshire

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The client is an established local developer, having constructed houses in the area since the 1960s.
Mass Architecture designed four house-types (detached A/B and C and semi-detached D1 & D2), which would create variation across the development by alternating the contrasting brick colours and roof forms.

House Type A, Front Elevation

The design aims to take a typical sub-urban dwelling and strip back some of the outdated features to create a cleaner, more contemporary look that will appeal to house buyers now. This includes an in-board ‘porch’ providing space to move freely, rather than a small built-on porch. Similarly the internal layout is open-plan more suited to current family lifestyles.

House Type B - Front Elevation

Overview of Development

Semi-detached, Type D2 - Front Elevation