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Backing a Winner

Awards are a winner with clients. It’s always nice to receive recognition for what you do from your industry and piers; however, they do have a wider ripple effect that clients can really capitalise on.

One of our long standing, repeat clients, Healthmatic Ltd., were thrilled when their York based project for a new café and public toilets won multiple (architectural) design awards in 2016/2017.

But why do clients like awards? Healthmatic’s willingness to invest in the project’s design quality demonstrated a far sightedness that ultimately will benefit their company and be more profitable.

By commissioning an award-winning design and by extension valuing good design, it shows that the company’s values are broader than the bottom line and incorporate an element of giving back to the city or community in which the building sits.

And who doesn’t like a good PR opportunity? Winning an award gives you a reason to shout about your project and the company behind it. This kind of endorsement can give the client a platform to talk about a range of unique qualities that they might have.

It can also be a great way to team build by attending an event together that celebrates good design in all its forms. The feel-good factor that comes with this is something that ought to be shared.